By January 6, 2010

Will Windows Mobile 7 be announced at CES 2010?

Microsoft at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 Virtual PressroomA lot of rumours are starting to build suggesting that Windows Mobile 7 will be announced at Steve Ballmer’s keynote address at this years Consumer Electronic Show.

Based mainly on the fact that Robbie Bach will also be in attendance and for those that don’t know Robbie Back is President of Entertainment & Devices which covers obviously Windows Mobile.

Now don’t get too excited, Microsoft are well known for announcing products well in advance of their actual release but I do agree that it needs to be announced with a few details sooner rather than later to get some interest in a fast dying product.

Lets hope Microsoft have a product to wow us with a stronger focus on consumers as well as business, no one can argue that Windows Mobile already provides a great business experience but there is now more to phones than that, business people are consumers too and carrying two phones is not an attractive option for anyone.

For Windows Mobile to burst back on the scene it must have a great media player with easy access to content, Zune can fill that gap, the web browser needs to be greatly improved, the whole UI needs a revamp with the words simple the key word, Apple know how to make things work intuitively, Microsoft need to understand that to be successful in this market they need to deliver something special, not just something average.

We have multi-touch, capacitive screens, accelerometers and apps for everything with what we have now, what can Microsoft offer to get people to notice them when Google and Apple are now so far ahead, we shall see.

What do you think?

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