By April 30, 2011

White iPhone 4 thicker than the black

whiteiphone4 This is one of those odd titbits that popped up on my radar this morning and initially I was like ‘So what!?’ however, upon reflection it’s not only a bit curious but also potentially annoying.

Despite the iPhone 4 being announced last year and a delay of close to 10 months the white iPhone 4 model went on sale here in the UK this past week. Even the Apple website say ‘Finally!’.

So it turns out that the white iPhone 4 is actually 0.2mm thicker than the black model, the difference caused by the white glass on the front and rear being 0.1mm thicker each. No big deal I hear many of you say, and in itself I would agree. BUT, where the annoyance lies is in that quite a few of the cases designed for iPhone 4 wont fit the white model, particularly the more rigid plastic cases.

0.2mm doesn’t sound like a lot but the difference is visible when you look at the two side-by-side and is enough to mean that a number of cases manufacturers may end up back at the drawing board!


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