By November 23, 2006

What is USB On-The-Go?

With USB On-The-Go starting to appear on a number of mobile devices now, specifically the O2 XDA Flame, I thought it was time for a quick lesson. 🙂

USB on-the-go is a technology that most PocketPC and Smartphone users have been crying out for. In simple terms USB OTG will allow you to connect a variety of other peripherals to your device. This will include USB memory sticks and USB Hard Drives.

USB on the go

In the past devices such as hand-helds, cell phones and digital cameras were classed as USB peripherals and in order to transfer data via USB you would have to connect that peripheral to another device, such as a PC, that could function as a USB host. USB OTG capable devices will benefit from having additional capability to connect to other USB devices.

USB OTG defines a dual-role device, which can act as either a host or peripheral, and can connect to either a PC or other portable devices through the same connector. It will even allow you to connect two USB OTG devices together to transfer data.

Imagine being able to connect a 500gb external USB hard drive to your PocketPC. Great for PocketPC powered jukeboxes!

For more information about USB on-the-go visit the USB Org website.


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