By October 2, 2012

What does RIM have in store for us on the gaming front with BlackBerry 10

BB10 Gaming

We all know that gaming has not been one of the strong points of owning a BlackBerry in years gone by. That is all going to change in Q1 next year when BlackBerry 10 is released. Finally the gaming experience will be as good, if not better, than on the likes of iOS and Android.

Recently at BlackBerry Jam Americas RIM gave a brief demonstration of what we can expect to see when the new OS launches. As you can clearly see from the video below BlackBerry users will at last be able to have not only the best communication tool but also a amazing gaming and media smartphone.

You can catch the video below and please let us have your thoughts in the comments section. Is BlackBerry 10 going to make you come back to the platform if you are now a iOS/Android or Windows Phone user?

BB10 Gaming



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