By May 5, 2012

Asus Padfone Delayed?

335973-asus-padfone-hybridSeems like the anticipated Asus Padfone could end up being delayed. According to reports, the problem stems from a shortage of the Krait Snapdragon S4 chip from Qualcomm. The hybrid tablet/smartphone that is turning heads  was originally scheduled to launch sometime in April, although that time-frame is now debatable. There is no word on why Qualcomm is experiencing shortages, although there is speculation. One theory is that due to the new architecture for the S4 they are having trouble ramping up to high-volume production. The other is the on-going an rumour that Samsung will be running the S4 in the U.S. version of the new Samsung Galaxy S3, and they have bought out the majority of Qualcomm’s supply.

We will have to see how this one pans out.

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