By January 13, 2008

Weird eBay sales

Ok, I know that I am going way off topic with this post but I found this on eBay and just had to ask the question: WHY?!

So I was looking through eBay the other day and browsing through a sellers shop, looking at their other items etc. when I came across a weird item for sale. This seller is selling an EMPTY jar of Marmite! If that’s not weird enough in itself there are actually some bids on it!

Who actually buys something like this? Is there really any value in an empty jar, albeit a limited edition pot?

Leads me on to my next question – what’s the weirdest thing you have bought/sold/seen on ebay?

Take a look at the Empty Marmite Jar auction and see what you think!

I promise to go back on-topic with my next post! 😛

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