By October 26, 2009

WebOS 1.3 to be released worldwide by November 15th?


So we found out today that the Pixi’s official launch date is going to be November 15th at the fairly low price of $99.99. Well this news can only mean one thing. WebOS 1.3 is around the corner! We saw in all the press releases that the Palm Pixi already has included with it a Facebook app which was developed by Palm themselves and Yahoo integration into Synergy allowing for you to add your Yahoo friends to chat with and contacts into your contacts app. Well the Pre doesn’t have this yet. When Engadget’s, Joshua Topolsky was given the demo of the Pixi, he asked if these new apps and Yahoo integration would be included on the Pre as well and the gentleman said yes the Pre will not be left out. We also heard a rumor from a website that reviewed the German version of the Pre that WebOS version parady would happen sometime in mid November. So this means an update is definitely coming. Whether there will be any other features added is uncertain at this point but, if you look at the length of time between each .1 update we have received in the past we are actually overdue for 1.3. So keep your eyes peeled for WebOS 1.3 news in the coming weeks because we are pretty confident it is on the way.

[Source: Prethinking]

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