By September 30, 2008

WebMessenger Message Alerts now for Windows Mobile

image WebMessenger Message Alerts puts you back in control of managing communications on your mobile device by providing powerful rules and filters for your mobile email, SMS Messages and incoming voice calls. Define your own filters using rules that are automatically applied to your incoming incoming E-mail, SMS Messages, and inbound voice calls and be alerted to just what is needed through user defined alerts to include your own MP3 or WAV audio files. Includes custom alerts for low battery and low memory on your mobile device.

Message Alerts are especially valuable to people that receive many messages every day and want to be able to filter the important ones and be notified when a specific message is received. A must-have application for 24×7 operations.

Key Features & Benefits

The Message Alert application runs in the background on your BlackBerry™ or Windows Mobile device and is automatically launched with the OS. You can control the time of day and week when the rules/alerts are active with the settings screen.

  1. image Inbound Email Alerts – Define custom alert rules for email based on one or more attributes (including contacts, subject, content).
  2. Inbound SMS Alerts –– Define custom alert rules for SMS based on one or more attributes (including contacts, content).
  3. Inbound Caller Alerts –Define custom alert rules for incoming phone calls based on Caller ID
  4. Customizable Alerts & Notifications –Choose from a long list of actions, including persistent pop-ups, special ringtones, customized vibration, repeating alarms, required acknowledgement of notifications, and more.
  5. Actionable Alerts –Automatically have important messages redirected to other key team members, groups, or management.
  6. Custom Audio –Built-in MIDI tunes with the option of importing new MIDI, mp3, and WAV melodies.

This product was previously only available for the Blackberry however you can now get it for Windows Mobile too and available as a 15 day free trial.

Via Jason Langridge and Callwave

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