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Want to know what is inside the iPhone 3G

image The crazy guys at iFixit went to amazing lengths to be one of the first to get hold of the iPhone 3G by flying out to New Zealand, now most people would take care of their new iPhone but not these guys, the moment they got it in hand they set about striping it down to see what its made up of. You can see  for yourself after the break.

image They performed this disassembly immediately following the iPhone launch at 12:01 July 11, 2008, New Zealand time. That’s 5:01 AM, July 10, Pacific time for those of us who aren’t islanders.

  • Apple-labeled Samsung processor – correct

  • Either some kind of GPS chip, or none at all. If there isn’t a GPS chip, then it could be built into the processor. – unconfirmed

  • Lots of chips with only Apple markings on them. Sometimes we can tell what they are, but most of the time you have to take the chip itself apart first. – correct, but this one’s cheating

for the full story and lots more pictures visit iFixit

via Mobility Today

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