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Voice Band for iPhone review

iPhone apps are everywhere. Do you know that Doodle Jump iPhone game was even mentioned on The Bing Bang Theory TV series? However from time to time comes an app that makes our jaw drop to the floor. And Voice Band app is such an app! It’s almost revolutionary!

So, imagine that you could create music just with your voice. No longer pressing touch screen in a rhythm. Just use your voice – the most natural and original (!) way to make music! Imagine that you could convert your voice to musical instruments!

Yes, there is an app for that and we have tried it! To listen to a song created by us, click here (MP3 file).

Description from the developer:

Voice Band introduces a revolutionary new way to make music – with your voice!

By simply singing into your phone, Voice Band transforms your voice into 10 different instruments in real time. Voice Band doesn’t simply change your voice to sound like an instrument, it actually plays a real sampled instrument which follows what you sing! Want to jam to a guitar solo with your favorite bands? Voice Band lets you play along with your ipod library, too.

Imagine creating an entire song with only your voice.
Voice Band features a recorder which lets you build a song, one instrument at a time. Auto pitch mode helps you stay on key, and if you’re a musician, you’ll appreciate the adjustable scale and metronome. Voice Band also includes a built-in effects processor with distortion, reverb, and delay.

– Turns your voice into an instrument, in real time.
– Instruments include: 2 guitars, bass, sax, 2 synths, Drums, and a Mic mode
– Built-in recorder allows you to record an entire song, one instrument at a time.
– iPod player lets you play along with your favorite music.
– Drum mode lets you play both kick and snare at the same time by singing at two different volumes.
– Auto Pitch mode helps you to stay on key.
– Adjustable octave
– Effects include distortion, reverb and delay.
– Adjustable musical scale for auto pitch includes Major, Minor, Blues, Pentatonic, Wholetone and Mixolydian.
– Built-in metronome with adjustable tempo.
– Songs can be saved, and e-mailed from within Voice Band.

NOTE: A headset (with a mic) is required for iPod Touch and original iPhone users.

Review: dream comes true! We have tried several iPhone apps where you can create music but sincerely speaking tapping on the screen in a rhythm is not our thing. Obviously voice is the most natural way to create sounds and now with this app you can do it. There is even free “Lite” version available and generally with some exercising you can achieve wanted results. While we would like to have to have ability to whistle and convert it to musical instruments too, maybe it is possible with this app but now it seems that you have to sing or use humming to get the best effects. Maybe whistling-to-instruments conversion is coming in next version? Anyway already in current version the results are impressive.

It is worth mentioning that you can do de facto multitrack recording as you can play recording while recording – after you changed instrument. You can send recording via email, and before sending the file is converted to MP3:

… and you can have several recordings, saved previously:


… on which you work. Generally there is many settings to explore and you can fine tune your experience.

If you like humming or singing to yourself, get this app and experience countless hours of fun!

Get it here ($2.99):

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