By December 17, 2009

Vodafone drops the HTC HD2

HTC-HD2_45_1002 Those folks who are annoyed that the HTC HD2 is not hitting Stateside, we feel your pain. It’s getting harder to get the HTC HD2 in the UK. Have a read at this:

Sources believe the operator is preparing to focus on the Apple iPhone

Vodafone is no longer selling the HTC HD2, despite impressive sales.
The move has raised speculation that the operator has dropped the device to focus on the Apple iPhone, which it will launch early in 2010.
Other industry observers said the decision could be an attempt by the operator to boost sales of its Vodafone 360 handsets – the Samsung H1 and Samsung M1 – which are reported to be selling slowly.
One Vodafone source claimed the HD2 had suffered software problems; however, the operator strongly refuted the allegations, insisting it was no longer selling the handset to consumers because it had run out of stock.
The ‘popular b2b device’ will continue to be available to b2b customers.
One industry analyst said: ‘Perhaps Vodafone is clearing shelf space for the iPhone and the Nokia N900, and maybe HTC, being a smaller manufacturer in the market, is the fall guy.’
Analysts said the HD2 Windows Mobile platform could have influenced
Vodafone’s decision along with increasing competition from HTC’s own devices.
The manufacturer was unavailable for comment.

[Source Mobile Magazine]

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