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Vodafone Buzz – Helps PAYG customers stay in touch when out of credit


It’s a big worry, running out of credit when you need it most. But now Vodafone UK pay as you go customers can stay in touch, even when out of credit, with Vodafone Buzz Back. Buzz Back lets customers send a free text message to friends and family on any network asking to be called back. It’s simple to use. Customers text the number of the person they want to call them to 30303 and a text message will be sent, as if from them, asking for a call back. There is no charge to send or receive the messages, and no pre-registration required.
We’ll let the customer know that their message has been sent and the service can be used twice a day. Customers don’t have to be out of credit to use the service – meaning they can save their top up for other things.

Sten van der Ham, Head of Pay as you go at Vodafone says “Parents have told us that they often give their children a pay as you go phone and they want the reassurance that their kids will always have available credit while at the same time limiting the amount they can top up in order to control costs. With Vodafone Buzz Back, even when they are out of credit, their children are still able to get in touch. Customers can often find themselves with very low credit for a few days. In fact, 25% of top ups are made when there has been less than £1 credit for four or more days. We wanted to make sure customers were still able to make contact during this time.”

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