By July 7, 2010

Vodafone annoying Nexus One owners


Vodafone’s modifying the firmware upgrade before they gear up to launch it for their Nexus-toting customers. Afraid that Vodafone might be omitting key Android 2.2 features such as internet tethering and hotspot capabilities, those customers have taken it to the official FroYo Nexus One thread on the carrier’s forums.
After a large thread of confusion and miscommunication, it’s said that the modifications are to ensure MMS and Voicemail features are working properly before Vodafone would have to eventually deal with a large influx of customer complaints. Who wouldn’t want their carrier looking out for the best interest of their device, right? Wrong!
A lot of the uproar stems from the supposed fact that Vodafone promised Nexus One purchasers (in voice and in writing) that they would not be touching any firmware updates for the device (and apparently they don’t care if that right would come at the expense of a buggy launch). As they understand it, all updates should be coming directly from Google.


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