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Vodafone and Orange snubbing the HTC HD2

HTC-HD2 is reporting that the Vodafone is halting sales of the HTC HD2. Having used the device for a week or so I’m quite shocked by this. I did experience the odd lag but not enough to make me stop using the device, as a seasoned vet of Windows Mobile I’m used to the OS having lazy days. dares to suggest that reason the HD2 sales are being refused are that both Orange and Vodafone are going to focus sales towards the iPhone. Have a read at article and see what you think.

Some people, mostly shills of HTC and/or Microsoft, are saying that there is no problem, and that simply HTC HD2 has been sold out, but we are reporting how it is:
The fact is that there is
no HTC HD2 in Vodafone shop for consumers although it is listed in business section.
The rumor has it that Vodafone has confirmed that it will not be selling HTC HD2 anymore. The reason being: they don’t feel like that or maybe the fact that Vodafone has its own Samsung-manufactured "360" phones or maybe the fact that Vodafone wants to push iPhone now, after Vodafone signed official deal with Apple.
What is even stranger, Orange UK is
not selling HTC HD2 at all.

In our multi-part review of HTC HD2 we haven’t noticed any reliability issues, but we must admit that we had this device only for one week (we returned this device on December 9, 2009), so much too short time to give some long-term impressions. Note: HTC refused to give us free (not a loaner) HTC HD2, claiming that HTC does it only to Mobius members – and our argumentation about our traffic being bigger than traffic of some Mobius members was ignored by HTC.

We reckon that the real reason why Orange UK and Vodafone UK are reluctant to sell HTC HD2 is: they are now focusing on sales of iPhone as after several years of iPhone exclusivity for O2 UK, now these 2 got official deal with Apple at last and they are pushing it.

Advice to HTC: they should release SDK for HTC HD2 to offer API for multi touch, digital compass and accelerometer, and HTC should promote apps compatible with HD2… because smartphone wars nowadays are app wars and it looks like HTC still doesn’t understand it…
indie kid UK (in our forum).

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