By October 11, 2011

Vlingo (voice to text) demo video


With the imminent launch of the iPhone 4S and the new Siri feature that will allow you to use voice commands I persuaded myself to download Vlingo Plus for my BlackBerry. I used Vlingo a couple of years ago but the speech to text was a bit hit and miss. I am pleased to say that things have improved greatly now and as you will see in the demo video the application will allow you to perform a wide range of tasks on your phone without having to type.

Vlingo is not just a BlackBerry application. You can also get it for iPhone, Android, Nokia and Windows Mobile.

Tell your phone what to do!  The Vlingo Virtual Assistant turn your words into action.  Vlingo combines voice to text technology with its "intent engine" to help you quickly complete your desired action.   Simply speak to your phone or type a command through the ActionBar to get just about anything done while on the go.

You can see my demo video of Vlingo below:


Vlingo Demo Video

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