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Vlingo voice recognition iPhone app released, tested by us

Here’s an app that replicates one of the features of the Nexus One that impressed a lot of people: the ability to dictate your txt messages. However this ability requires in-app purchase and is not cheap:

… and the only free thing is posting to Facebook (that quaint thing that was before Twitter) and doing voice searches over Google, that however for the phrase “mobile tech addicts” are returning strange things like this:

… but this is no biggy because Google Mobile app from Google also has voice search, that for the phrase “mobile tech addicts” also returns strange results:

… but the difference is that Vlingo waits for you to press button when you speak and Google’s app discovers automatically when you end speaking.

Apparently now this app is available for UK english so it may be of interest to some.

Credit: Rahme Mehmet from Voice It Consultancy, UK (via email).

Commentary: we recommend to test some phrases that you would use for SMS by saying them in free voice Google search of this app – before doing in-app purchase of SMS/text dictation feature. It is also worth remembering that your voice is going via servers and is not processed locally (but it’s the same with Google apps). Finally: obviously this app is good only for writing emails and txt messages and cannot be compared to a total voice control of whole user interface that Android offers, but still it can bring you Android-like functionality/feeling to your iPhone.

Get it here (price: free in basic functionality but through in-app purchase you have to buy email and SMS dictation):

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Apart from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you might be interested also in Windows Mobile phones!

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