By December 11, 2006

VITO Updates Multimedia Products

Latest press release from VITO Technology:

VITO Technology announces updates for VITO AudioPlayer and VITO RingtoneEditor. New versions of these applications offer more features and bring you the best experience of listening to music and creating ringtones.

VITO AudioPlayer is the easiest way to listen to your favorite music: all options are within a couple of clicks. VITO AudioPlayer can play your music content in different ways: as a single file (once or repeatedly) or all files in the folder and subfolders; it can also play file as an audio book. New features in VITO AudioPlayer:

  • view elapsed or left time while playing
  • when playing with subfolders files from upper folders are played first
  • press left or right for quick scrolling
  • hold & press on folder and choose “play folder” or “play with subfolders” (Pocket PC)
  • switching between previous and next files works correctly with turned on shuffle or repeat
  • detailed help
  • VITO RingtoneEditor is the easiest way to create your own ringtones. With VITO RingtoneEditor you can easily create as many ringtones as you wish from your favorite music. The idea is as easy as to listen to a music file, select a piece that you like and assign it as ringtone. Let your individuality sound through your ringtones! New features in VITO RingtoneEditor:

  • rename newly created ringtone
  • ringtones have the same quality as the original file (files with lower quality are not optimized and take less space)
  • if a new ringtone is quiet RingtoneEditor enhances its loudness so that you can always hear when people call you
  • detailed help
  • VITO AudioPlayer and VITO RingtoneEditor are available for $9.95 each.

    VITO Technology ltd. is known for its high-tech products in the field of Pocket PC and Symbian software, GPS navigation and custom projects. Introduced in the present article VITO AudioPlayer is an easy to use MP3, OGG, and WAV player for Smartphone and PPC. VITO Ringtone Editor is a utility for creating custom ringtones on Smartphone and PPC.


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