By November 22, 2007

VITO Technology releases ZoomBoard

VITO Technology releases ZoomBoard, an onscreen keyboard with zoomed preview for comfortable and accurate typing.

VITO ZoomBoard

VITO ZoomBoard

From VITO’s press release:

ZoomBoard allows quick and accurate typing on Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Typing with this keyboard is as easy as sliding finger across the screen. When you tap a key there appears a magnifying glass just above the keyboard with a zoomed image. The magnifying glass displays the zoomed letter under your finger and the nearest letters as well. This way you know where to slide your finger to type the proper letter. The key highlighted with red in the magnifying glass is ready to type. Slide over the necessary letter until it gets red and release finger to type this letter.

Whatever you type on your Pocket PC ZoomBoard will make this task easier as you can forget the stylus altogether. From now on you can type just by tapping and sliding. SMS chatting on your Pocket PC is going to be a real fun now that you type as quickly as your finger slides! Your typing will become more accurate as well. Tapped a wrong letter? Just slide your finger over the right letter and release it.

ZoomBoard is available for $ 9.95 at There is also a full featured 14-day trial.

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