By April 12, 2008

VITO Technology releases Audio Notes Touch

VITO Technology reincarnates its best-seller AudioNotes into brand new Audio Notes Touch with absolutely new finger-friendly interface for audio recording on Windows Mobile. Together with great functionality of the irreplaceable MP3 recorder Audio Notes Touch has become easy to use. The support of ID3 tags will be appreciated by the most users who record lots of files everyday.

Audio Notes Touch

Audio Notes Touch

The features that Audio Notes Touch inherited from VITO AudioNotes are the following: the ability to record MP3 files (low, middle, and high quality), calls auto record (where hardware permits), microphone sensitivity enhancement, speakerphone auto on, VAS (voice activation system), and many more. The main difference in Audio Notes Touch is the brand-new user-interface. The application is touch-oriented, so you can perform all necessary actions only with fingers. The stylish finger scrolling through the list of audio notes, T9 look-up and big buttons is a major breakthrough in mobile audio recording.

ID3 tags have long ago become a must have for mp3 audio files. New Audio Notes Touch automatically completes ID3 tag fields with relevant info when recording. This info comes in handy when managing your audio files. Players that support ID3 tagging allow you to easily sort all records by incoming/outgoing calls, time and date of creation, caller’s name, etc.

Moreover, Audio Notes Touch automatically decides where to record: to storage card or to main memory judging by the amount of free space and the availability of a storage card.

Audio Notes Touch is available for $ 14.95 at

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