By June 12, 2008

Vito SMS-Chat now with threaded SMS and Smilies

VITO Technology releases a new version of SMS-Chat. SMS-Chat lets you organize your SMS correspondence into threaded SMS conversations. New version now has smilies. The telephone numbers, hyperlinks or e-mails that you receive in SMS are now more usable as you can simply click it and the necessary application with the data will be called out then. Minor bugs have been removed. SMS-Chat users who liked the bright skin will now have an opportunity to choose the skin they’ve got used to.

VITO Technology SMS Chat

Chatting at present is a ritual which is hardly possible without numerous smilies showing emotions that people feel and shortenings what stand for so many words. So as SMS-Chat is one of the messengers for chatting we decided to give its users an opportunity to vary their texting with different emoticons. New version of SMS-Chat supports cool animated smilies.

The feature that everybody really likes in the previous version of SMS-Chat is the ability to click hyperlinks to open in browser, to click phone number to place a call and e-mail to send a letter. Now this feature has become even cooler. In previous version you were to click the SMS to call out menu buttons afterward choose the needed action. As far as the new version you only need to click the highlighted text and SMS-Chat will automatically detect whether it should give a ring, e-mail or open the link in the browser. A nice touch, isn’t it?

SMS-Chat is available for $14.95 at

SMS-Chat supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, and Russian.

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