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VITO releases ZoomBoard version 2.0

You may recall that we posted a review of VITO’s excellent on-screen keyboard replacement application, ZoomBoard. There are several of these keyboard replacements out there at the moment and all seem to want to emulate the keyboard functions from the iPhone.

We were impressed with ZoomBoard and felt it was one of the better keyboard replacements out there at the moment so the upgrade to version 2 should definitely be worth a look!

VITO ZoomBoard 2.0

VITO ZoomBoard 2.0

From VITO’s press release:

VITO Technology releases new ZoomBoard version 2.0, an onscreen keyboard with zoomed preview for comfortable and accurate FINGER typing. Now ZoomBoard has 2 new zoom modes in addition to the previous lens appearing above the keyboard. The considerable number of layouts will really be a pleasant surprise for ZoomBoard users all over the world. New ZoomBoard also features a very convenient SmatZoom option and gestures support.

New ZoomBoard allows for quick and accurate typing and can satisfy the demands of any choosy user with 3 different types of zooming: full zoom, lens zoom, float zoom. Lens zoom appears above the keyboard, Float zoom appears straight above the letter you press and the full one zooms in the whole keyboard with letters. Try all of them and decide which one you like most and which one suits you the most.

Another new useful feature is SmartZoom. When enabling this option it is possible to zoom the pressed letters either immediately or with a delay. If you need a zoom window to emerge right away then you need at first stroke wait for the zoom to appear. After that the zoom will come forward as quickly as you touch the screen. When you do not touch the screen with keyboard for at least three seconds the zoom is going to appear with the delay again.

Moreover, the supported gestures can become a favorite feature in ZoomBoard: move rightwards across the keybord to press space, leftwards – backspace, upwards – shift, downwards – enter. Combinations of keys with ctrl and shift are also clickable, just enjoy comfortable typing on ZoomBoard!

Another important upgrade to ZoomBoard is the significant increase of layouts. Alongside with the layouts that were available in the previous version (English, Russian, German and some others) there have appeared 32 layouts for other languages. Therefore VITO Technology would be really thankful if the people who speak other languges could check and give there comments on the layouts.

In addition, the landscape mode has become more user-friendly it does not close all screen. Now it stretches across the screen. Typing with ZoomBoard is as simple as sliding the screen!

ZoomBoard is available for $ 9.95 at

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