By October 22, 2007

VITO AudioNotes updated to v 1.32

VITO Technology releases a new version of the bestselling program VITO AudioNotes – Windows Mobile mp3 and wav recorder. The new version loads much quicker. A new code for detecting calls makes it possible to record calls on most WM 5.0 & 6.0 Smartphones correctly. Quick Record that allows one button recording is now available for Smartphone users.

VITO AudioNotes

VITO AudioNotes

Now call auto record function works more precisely and identifies the contact name on most Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 devices correctly. So call records have the same name as corresponding contact.

VITO AudioNotes loads quicker than ever as contacts loading is not necessary anymore. Besides, the list of recordings is loaded simultaneously with other functions of the program.

Another important feature in the new version is when Calls auto record is ticked the program continues recording calls even after you exit AudioNotes.

In the new version Smartphone users can start recording with a single button press. All none HTC Smartphone users can assign recording to speed dial (Quick Record in Start). Lucky HTC Smartphone users can use this function either as speed dial or as Pocket PC users do (Menu>Recording>Quick Record) by assigning one of the available buttons.

VITO AudioNotes is available for $ 19.95 at Updates are free for customers who purchased VITO AudioNotes within a year’s time.

VITO Technology Inc. is known for its high-tech products in the field of Windows Mobile and Symbian software, GPS navigation and custom projects. Introduced in the present article VITO AudioNotes is a Windows Mobile MP3 and WAV recorder for Pocket PC and Smartphones.

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