By July 31, 2008

VITO Technology release new online task manager

VITO Technology have just been in touch to tell us about their new online task management software, Task2Gather. Task2Gather allows you to manage tasks online through any web browser as well as having client software for Windows Mobile and iPhone.

Looks like a pretty neat idea if you have a lot of tasks to manage and it’s currently a free service. However it will become subscription based at a later date.

Check out the full info below:

task2gather screen shot


VITO Technology is proud to present Task2Gather – a brand-new free service for online task management. Task2Gather is one place for all your tasks and projects: family, social, business, and private. Task2Gather lets you put your tasks online and invite family members,  colleagues, or clients to participate and achieve common goals.

Our guiding criteria for developing Task2Gather were simplicity, high performance, sharing, flexibility and mobility. As a result there has been developed a completely unique service applicable for successful collaboration practically in any sphere of life.

  • Simplicity. Task2Gather is so simple you can use it as a shopping list or as a to-do list and enjoy advantages of the online accessibility of this information at the same time. Task2Gather offers you unbelievably easy start as there is no need for training, reading manuals, or other time consuming activities. Sign up takes literally a couple of seconds and after this you see self-explanatory clear interface with useful tips for next steps.
  • Flexibility. Task2Gather can be used literally anywhere. It can equally well serve students, social service, construction teams, small businesses, and housewives. Task2Gather allows you to organize all your tasks & projects exactly the way you like. You can see yourself using Task2Gather for your work when in fact you started to use it for managing your personal tasks.
  • Sharing. Task2Gather is even more useful for collaboration and team-work. To invite somebody to a project you need to type in their email and press invite. After invitees logs in to their Task2Gather account they see not only their own projects & tasks but also the projects & tasks you have shared with them. Now you can assign each other responsible for particular tasks and start achieving your common goal.
  • High performance. Task2Gater for desktop computers is entirely web-based application (like Google Dos)… but you will never notice it. It works very fast and steadily.
  • Mobility. The soon coming Task2Gather clients for iPhone and Windows Mobile will prove that online task management can be as easy as a shopping/to-do list and very efficient at the same time.

Sign up for Task2Gather at Task2Gather is a completely free service available on any computer with Internet access. It will be later available via paid subscription with more advanced features.


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