By January 19, 2009

Verizon’s Wireless Extender femtocell coming next week

logo_lgLike many people I would really like to drop my landline phone, but I have terrible reception in my home. If I could get a reliable signal in my living room I would  cut the cord in a hot second. Starting January 25th Verizon has a solution for people like me. Verizon’s wireless extender is set to drop January 25th. A femtocell is a tiny cell relay station that connects to your home’s internet connection, and will give you great reception over 5000 square feet ( 465 square meters).  Sprint already has a similar device called Airave, that costs an additional $15 a month, but that is about half the cost of a phone line from the cable company. So far only CDMA femtocells are available, and the devices are only 1xRTT data (CDMA’s EDGE equivalent).
No pricing information is available for Verizon’s service, but if it is inline with Sprint’s service, it should be well worth it for people who need a little help with reception in their home.

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