By July 9, 2012

Upgrade to 76Mbps broadband from Sky

fibre The prospect of super-fast broad band is so tantalising but if, like me, you are stuck with a slow broadband connection you may want to look away now.

Sky have just announced that they are to make up to 76Mbps broadband is available to new and existing Sky customers. However, you’ll have to live in an area covered by the fibre optic network (which I’m not grr)

The satellite broadcaster launched the product in April, but it was initially available only to new subscribers who did not already have Sky Fibre or Sky Broadband.

However, the company has now revealed that everyone can sign up for its fastest connection. "All our broadband products are open to all customers covered by Sky’s network," a Sky spokeswoman told ZDNet UK.

The up to 76Mbps proposition hit the market at the same time as Sky’s up to 38Mbps product, with both of these packages supported by BT’s fibre-to-the-cabinet infrastructure.

More than ten million homes and businesses across the UK are currently served by BT’s fibre broadband networks.

The telecoms giant is aiming to increase this coverage to two-thirds of properties by the end of 2014 under its £2.5 billion national rollout.


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