By March 30, 2009

Unlocked iPhone 3G now on sale in UK

image are now offering the iPhone 3G for sale without any simlock. That’s right you can buy the phone from them and use it with any UK sim card that you have like Vodafone, T-Mobile etc as it is officially unlocked and ready to use. This is not a software unlock so updating the phone will not break the unlock.

  • This is a genuine Sim Free mobile phone and therefore unlocked to all UK networks.
  • It is not unlocked from a UK or European network and is available due to EU legislation ensuring the sale of sim free mobile phones.

Now the downside is the price, a whopping £549.99 for an 8 Gig model and £599.99 for the 16 Gig, that’s pretty steep but at least there is now a way to use the phone legitimately on with your current network. One word of caution, a new model is rumoured to be just around the corner.

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