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Unlock iPhone 3G and many others with SIMable

image The days of foraging around the Internet or visiting dubious mobile phones shops may soon be over. Instead of getting your handset unlocked why not just get your Sim card unlocked with SIMable. SIMable is an innovative little chip that frees your SIM card to work in the vast majority of mobile phones. We all know that the very latest 3G devices can be very difficult and expensive to unlock and SIMable is the 10 second solution without invalidating any warranty on your precious handset. Full details and device compatibility after the break.

image Fitting SIMable is quick and simple and full instructions can be downloaded here. This involves pressing out a very small hole in your SIM card and we even include a free cutting tool with every purchase. Once done simply align SIMable to your SIM card, insert into your locked mobile phone and start talking.

SIMable is compatible with most mobile phones including the latest Nokia E and N Series, the top of the range Sony Ericssons (and the iPhone 3G).

Apple – iPhone 3G

Nokia – 1208, 1600*, 2310*, 2630, 3110c, 3250, 3500c, 5200, 5310, 5500, 5610, 6080, 6110 Navigator, 6120, 6120c, 6125, 6136, 6151, 6161, 6230*, 6280, 6288, 6300, 6301, 6310i, 6500, 6500c, 6500s, 6822, 7500, E50, E51*, E60, E61, E65, E70, E90, N70, N72, N73, N76, N80*, N81, N82, N93, N95 and N95 8GB*.

Sony Ericsson – J220, K300, K310, K510, K550, K700, K770, K800, P1, P990i, T630, V630, W200*, W300i, W580, W810i and Z310.

Samsung – C260, C450, D600E, F600, F900, i600, J600, L760, P910, SC707, U600, U700, X480, X640, Z170, Z240, and Z370.

Motorola – A780, V547, V600 and V8.

LG – B2050, KG130, KG275*, KG800, KU250, U250, U300, U310, U880 and U890.

Sharp – 550SH, 770SH, 903, 904, 920 and GX15.

Siemens – A38, A50, C65 and S68.

Toshiba – G900 and TS705.

Blackberry – 8800 and 8820.

MDA Compact 111.

Sagem – 600x and X2-2M.

Alcatel – C550, OT201 and OT801.

SPV M650 and Vodafone V715*.

For more information and where to order go to SIMable

We have not tested this so cannot say it works so proceed with the usual caution.

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