By June 12, 2009

Ultimate Texting Dictionary for iPhone released

Texting (i.e. sending of SMS messages) is undergoing constant evolution. It is the engine that powers Twitter (sending to Twitter possible over SMS in many countries receiving in few)… and latest craze is sexting – that in some prude countries is perceived as forbidden fruit.

However in all forms of texting having ability to use abbreviations is very crucial, not just because of text message limitations (160 in SMS, 140 in Twitter) but also simply because people are lazy (not that there is anything wrong with that).

TUTD: The Ultimate Texting Dictionary – that has been released in app store today, comes to the rescue of texters:


Description from the developer:

“TUTD: The Ultimate Texting Dictionary” is your ultimate resource for texting. TUTD has over 1500 of the most popular terms that you’re likely to see or use when texting. TUTD has the most common abbreviations like LOL ( Laugh out Loud ), BRB ( Be Right Back ), or OMG ( oh my god!) as well as the lesser known but no less valuable terms like UDH82BME ( You’d hate to be me ) or XQZT ( Exquisite ). With an easy to use dictionary, you can tap on any letter and browse through terms scrolling up or down. If there is a particular term you are interested in, you can use the search feature and type in the term or keyword. Once a term is pulled up you can move to the next or previous terms by swiping your finger left or right. You can quickly get back to texting with the built-in texting button that lets you browse through your contacts and text them directly

Conclusion: we would prefer deeper integration into text entry of messages but copy/paste coming next week in iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade should help with this issue though. All in all this is yet another reference app, that might come in handy if you like to txt!

Get it here ($0.99 in USA, £0.59 in UK).

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