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The ultimate guide to gifts and gadgets in 2014

The increasingly popular car shaped mouse

The increasingly popular car shaped mouse

As modern technology develops, every year more and more exciting, unusual and unique gadgets are released. Quirky pieces of technology make perfect gifts, whether it’s for your sister’s birthday, your parents’ wedding anniversary or for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

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You won’t want to buy a loved one the same gift as someone else. So why not buy a unique gift that the person will definitely remember? 2014 is a great year for fantastic gadgets being released that all make perfect gifts.

Below is the ultimate guide to some of the top gadgets and gifts for 2014.


Projection Clock

We’ve all experienced fumbling around to try and find out the time while we’re in bed. With this fantastic gadget, when you’re laid in bed and its dark, all you need to do is press a button and the time will be projected onto the ceiling or a wall, making it easily visible.

This great clock projects the time in 2 foot tall writing, so even if you don’t have your glasses on you’ll be able to see the numbers. This is a fantastic gift in 2014, and is sure to be useful as well as unique.


Bendable Keyboard

Another of 2014’s top gadgets is the bendable keyboard. This silicone keyboard comes in a variety of bright colours and adds a lot of style to your computer. But as well as adding a touch of class, there are many functional advantages to the bendable keyboard.

The silicone offering is practically indestructible compared to standard keyboards and is also waterproof, so if you accidentally spill a bit of tea on it then there’s no need to worry!  It is very easy to wipe and very flexible…which means it’s easily cleaned. Finally, it is very lightweight, so if you want to move around taking the keyboard with you is no problem.


Electronic Cigars

Cigar smoking is increasing in popularity, not least because of the dramatic rise in Celebrities smoking cigars over cigarettes. Electronic cigars using e-liquid are set to continue their meteoric rise in popularity throughout 2014 and into 2015. There is now a wide selection of electronic cigars available online, from different strengths to colours or other models like iqos uae you can get for this. There’s also replacement vape glass australia if your vaporizer needs fixing.

There are many cigar distributors online, I have personally bought cigars from The Cigar Club online, so if you are curious to try your very own electronic cigar check out their range.


Mouse Designs

Another computer-related gadget of 2014 has quite a big fan-base already: interesting mouse designs. Instead of having the standard mouse to go along with your computer, why not buy someone a unique and unusual mouse to go with their bendable keyboard?

One of the most popular mouse gadgets is a car shaped mouse, also known as a ‘street mouse’. The owner of this mouse can enjoy ‘driving’ their mouse around while on the computer. You can also get an inflatable mouse, egg shaped mouse, arrow shaped mouse, washable mouse or even an actual mouse shaped mouse! With so many choices this is a great way to buy some-one the perfect gift to suit them.

In conclusion, 2014 has seen the release of many exciting gadgets that will make perfect unique and unusual gifts. You’re sure to wow the gift recipient with one of these fantastic gadgets. There’s a seriously low chance you’d end up getting them the same gift as someone else, and it’ll definitely be a memorable present. If you’re looking for a great way to save money on high-quality merchandise, then a bargain bins store may be the perfect place for you.

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