By August 8, 2009

UK folks make cutbacks were it counts


In the recession we’re all feeling the pinch. Cutting back on some of life’s luxuries has become necessity as people look to tighten their purse strings and manage their outgoings. But one area that is surviving the cutbacks is in communication technology.

In a survey performed by mobile phone watchdog Ofcom, Britons said they would rather save on holidays and eating out than cut back on mobile phones. In a poll of 862 people, when asked what they would be prepared to cut back on, 40% said they would save on holidays and eating out and 19% chose spending on mobiles. A mobile is after all something that we use every day of the year where as a holiday is a luxury that some, it would seem, are willing to go without. The survey also showed that people would be just as unwilling to cut back on broadband and TV subscriptions. Is the UK full of tech freaks? The Ofcom survey says (in our best Les Dennis impression) yes we are.

However, this isn’t to suggest that people aren’t being thrifty when it comes to paying out for mobile phones and contracts. Consumers are more canny when it comes to paying for mobile services. Longer contracts equating to lower monthly costs are now becoming more common place as well as consumers willingness to take on cheaper more basic mobile phones in pursuit of lower monthly outgoings.

On the other side of the coin, the recent successes of the iPhone 3GS and the Nokia N97; both high tech (and high price) handsets that are driven by the power of the phone rather than the value of the tariff do contradict this theory slightly. So, more and more people are taking longer, cheaper tariffs with cheaper phones. Except for those taking high value top of the range phones in their thousands. Right. Far from conclusive but an interesting insight none the less. Now enough with these surveys Ofcom, get back to working on reducing number porting hassle!

[Via UK Mobile Phone Blog]

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