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UberTwitter Beta-8 has been released


If you use a BlackBerry and also enjoy Twitter you may well already be using UberTwitter as in my opinion it is the best free Twitter app for BlackBerry.

The good news is that a new beta version is now available for download with a few nice tweaks. In particular the user interface has had a make over. Have a look at the mentions and direct messages tabs when you update.

Here is a quick summary from the developer:

  • New User Interface – We’ve taken the BlackBerry platform to another level with our intuitive interface.
  • Themes – You asked and we delivered the capability to choose a color theme to suit your desires. We do plan to expand the built-in themes and allow you to build your own in the future.
  • ÜberChannels provides real-time “Channels” – live streams of relevant messages from respected sources on a particular topic. These topics include cities and countries, sports, entertainment, health, business and political issues, hobbies, pastimes and passions. ÜberChannels crawls more than half a million Twitter lists to identify the most respected sources on Twitter. We will be upgrading this in the near future to include filtered channels in order to provide you with the best real-time content.
  • List Search – Twitter lists are great, but how do you find lists about a particular topic? We’ve solved that problem by providing you the ability to search and find lists that interest you.
  • Über Bar – No you can’t order a drink there, but you can ‘dock’ your favorite ÜberTwitter functionality to it! Add your favorite user timelines (and we’ll include their picture too!), lists, saved searches, favorites, everyone near you, and more!
  • InstaPaper – Configure you InstaPaper account and use the short-cut key ‘I’ or the menu to quickly save tweets for reading later.
  • TwitSnap – We now support inline preview and viewing of pictures included in tweets from TwitSnap.
  • – Have more to say then can fit in 140 characters? No worries, we are now including support. This provides the same functionality as TweetLonger, but it has a really cool URL! You can choose between TweetLonger and
  • Following and Blocking Status – Open a users profile and at the bottom you can see if they are following you and whether you are blocking them.
  • unblocking – You can now unblock users.
  • ReTweets of You – Ever wonder who is retweeting what you say? Well no more, select ‘retweets of you’ from the menu to see which of your tweets are being retweeted. Highlight one of those tweets and select ‘Retweeted By’ from the menu to see who retweeted it!
  • Conversations – It was nice to be able to click the ‘in reply to’ button to see what tweet a person was replying to, but now, click the ‘Talk Bubble’ icon, select ‘view conversation’ from the menu, or use the short-cut key ‘c’ and we’ll do the heavy lifting and retrieve the entire converstation for you!
  • Saved Searches – We are fully integrated with Twitter’s saved search feature. Save searches on ÜberTwitter and they will appear on and vice versa. Frequent searches can be added to the Über Bar for quick access!
  • Muted Users – Ever had a person you follow who just was spouting off a ton of tweets and you really didn’t want to un-follow them? Well now you can choose to mute them for a day, a week, or forever! They won’t get notified of this unless you ask us to!
  • Default Email Recipient – Using the ’email tweet’ feature from the menu all the time and find yourself entering the same email address every time? Now you can add a default recipient in your account options and it will automatically be addressed to them.
  • Easily Direct Message – Select ‘goto user’ from the menu (‘g’ shortcut), highlight a friend and use the menu to select ‘Direct Message’ to compose a direct message to them.
  • View Profile – You can view a users profile in many places now, select ‘view profile’ from the menu to view the users profile who sent the current tweet. Highlight an @user anywhere on your device and select ‘View Profile’ from the menu and we’ll take care of the rest!
  • Send URLs to Über – From any web page in the browser, select ‘Send to Über’ from the menu and we’ll automatically shorten the URL and bring up the compose tweet screen!
  • Hashtag Picker – Hate having to type in those trending topic hashtags all the time? No problem, when you press the ‘#’ key when composing a tweet we’ll bring up the ‘Hashtag Picker’, either pick one that is already saved, or keep typing and press ‘enter’ and we’ll save it for the next time.
  • Über Tweet – Tweet from any application on your device, just open the menu and select Über Tweet and we’ll bring up the compose tweet screen.


Download here from your BlackBerry

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