By December 2, 2008

Typing Shortcuts for emails in landscape on iPhone

image Former Blackberry and Windows Mobile users who have switched to the iPhone and anyone else who wants to write emails on their iPhone much faster will be glad to see the addition of “typing shortcuts” to the latest update to Wide Email, a landscape email program for the iPhone. Typing shortcuts have been a feature of Blackberry and Windows Mobile email for a long time, and switchers to the iPhone will be glad to have this time-saving feature again.

Quickly type “cu”, and this iPhone landscape email program will automatically insert “see you later”. Or add a custom image shortcut that replaces “js” with “John M. Smith, MD, Ph.D.” Users can add, edit, and delete any number of custom shortcuts. These quick shortcuts can even automatically insert entire sentences or paragraphs.
Wide Email also lets iPhone users type emails faster and more accurately by using the wider, landscape-mode keyboard, which is not available in the iPhone’s built-in email program. The horizontal keyboard has wider keys that are easier to see and to hit, even for people with big thumbs. Combined with the wider keyboard, typing shortcuts makes writing emails on the iPhone much faster and more enjoyable.
Wide Email is the only landscape email app for the iPhone that has this feature. This new feature adds to the other features in Wide Email, including unlimited saved drafts, full international character support, and auto-saving of drafts and sent drafts.

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