By February 2, 2013

Twitter: have you been compromised?

twitter_fail_whale_wide This week Twitter confirmed that they are the latest high-profile victims of mass-scale hacking. Over 250,000 have had their accounts hacked. Twitter said that they will be emailing owners of those accounts that have been affected.

So what should you do?

My advice; should you receive an email claiming to be from Twitter regarding your account and password, do NOT click any links in it. Instead go directly to the Twitter website and change your password. If you are in any doubt it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and do this anyway!

Twitter has advised all users to "ensure they are following good password hygiene" – not only on the social networking site but also elsewhere on the internet.

Their advice is as follows:

"Make sure you use a strong password – at least 10 (but more is better) characters and a mixture of upper- and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols – that you are not using for any other accounts or sites. Using the same password for multiple online accounts significantly increases your odds of being compromised."

It is believed that email addresses, account info and encrypted passwords have been stolen by an unknown hacking group. Despite it being encrypted passwords that have been compromised it is possible to crack this encryption, especially if your password is a simple dictionary word. Now might be a good time for you all to go and reset your passwords on Twitter and even other high profile sites!


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