By March 13, 2010

Trouble unlocking the 3GS



Unlockers are finding iPhone 3G S models manufactured this year over-ride their software hacks when re-booted. New models with the latest version 3.1 3software update return to their original set up when they are re-booted after being switched off, removal of the SIM or the battery dies.

Some unlockers have been supplying customers with a PC program to enable them to ‘jump-start’ their 3G S when this occurs by connecting the device via a USB cable and unlocking it again themselves within a minute.

One said: “This has been problematic for us and it’s been frustrating not being able to overcome this. We’re continuing to look for a good commercial solution for this and there are rumours on forums that one may come to light soon, so it looks promising.”

Another unlocker said: “There’s no solution for this and with the availability of the 3G S now a lot wider due to Orange and Vodafone now selling it, more of the newer devices are getting out there. It’s therefore becoming a real problem. The various software houses will be working on this so hopefully there will be a solution for this soon.”

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