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Traxdata EZ Drive YEGO 4GB – Review

The Traxdata EZ Drive YEGO is a 4GB flash memory USB storage device which doubles up as a two-port USB hub. Quite a nice concept so we’ll see if it’s practical.

traxdata1 Traxdata EZ Drive YEGO 4GB


Technical Details:
. USB Flash Drive
. 2 Port Hub
. Unique and Funky Design
. Conforms to USB Specification 2.0
. Backwards compatible with USB Specification 1.1
. Supports PC Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista, Mac OS 8.6/9.x/10.x, Linux Kernel 2.4 and above
. True Plug & Play Connection to the USB port
. Non-volatile memory, no battery required
. Data to be preserved up to 10 years
. Supports Booting from HDD
. Optional partition and security function provided
. LED light indicates usage status
. Power Supply: Powered via USB port. No external power or battery needed
. Power save: Support power saving mode to reduce power consumption



The general concept of the Traxdata EZ Drive YEGO is great! It’s a USB memory stick (in this case 4GB) and a 2 port USB hub so that you still have the capacity to plug in other devices whilst using the memory stick.

This review model didn’t come in any real packaging but I’m guessing there isn’t much with it anyway as it’s a ‘Plug & Play’ device.  From looking around on the web it looks like it would come in plastic packaging, and this ‘Y’ shaped gadget comes in a few different colours too.

It’s very lightweight yet feels solid enough that it could withstand a few bumps.

As a memory stick it functions just as you would expect. With the ‘Plug & Play’ connection the computer takes a few moments the first time you connect it to your pc to set up the relevant drivers needed and then you are ready to use it. Copying files to and from the device is straight forward, and as it is a USB 2.0 connection the file transfer speed is quite fast.

This one has a 4GB capacity. To give you a rough idea of how much will fit onto 4GB – it will hold approximately 1639 photos (based on a 5MP camera and a file size of 2.5MB) or 1000 songs/66 hours of music (obviously this will depend of the file size again).

As mentioned, it is also a 2 port USB hub. You can see in the pictures where the sockets are. This is a great idea so that although you are using a USB port on your PC you are still able to plug other USB devices in.

I tried it out and it worked perfectly. No issues at all. But, there is one small issue that you may encounter which depending what kind of PC or laptop you are using. If you have two USB ports side by side you won’t be able to use the other port when this is plugged in due to its shape. Not to worry though as there are the two ports on the device of course! But, some laptops have vertical USB ports. If your laptop in on a desk or table you will find that the ‘Y’ shape makes it impossible to plug in, so you would need to have the laptop on your knee or a laptop riser in order to use the USB device.


SONY DSC Traxdata EZ Drive YEGO 4GB



The Traxdata EZ Drive YEGO is a nifty little device letting you save data onto the memory stick without  it hogging the USB port you have plugged it into. It doubles up as a 2 port USB port which essentially frees up the USB port you are using as well as providing you with an extra port.

The only real issue is the ‘Y’ shape. I’m not talking about the look of it – it actually looks quite good and unique. What I mean here is that the ‘Y’ shape can actually be impractical depending on the location and/or orientation of your USB port.

Over all, a good device. Just have a look at where your USB ports are before considering purchasing a Traxdata EZ Drive YEGO!



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