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Trafficmaster Smartnav Review


All smartphone platforms these days have voice guided satellite navigation but the reason I stumbled across Trafficmasters Smartnav is that on the BlackBerry there is not a decent navigation app here in the UK.

Smartnav is different to most other sat nav apps. Not only do you not see an onscreen map whilst driving you can also call a Trafficmaster assistant if you need help. How about that for service! In addition Smartnav will check for problems on your route and re route you if necessary to prevent you from getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Trafficmaster’s Smartnav is the most efficient sat nav and live traffic information service available and is supported by a unique team of Personal Assistants, operating 24/7. It’s already known to save frustrated motorists at least four hours per month from sitting in traffic and always makes sure you are on the right road and the quickest route to get to your destination.

Read on to find out more.


Application: Smartnav from Trafficmaster

Price: Depends on platform. Free trial available.

Get it now from: Trafficmaster



Trafficmaster Smartnav Mobile



I rely heavily on a Sat Nav for work as I visit a different place each day. I have used many different ones but I always seem to go back to my tom-tom. Alongside the tom-tom i also use Traffic TV which I reviewed recently. This shows me traffic jams on the UKs major roads.  Could ‘Smartnav’ from Trafficmaster take me away from using the tom-tom and Traffic TV as it offers both services wrapped up in one?

Although I am using Smatnav on my BlackBerry it is also available for iPhone, Nokia, and all Windows-based GPS mobiles. As you will see from my screen shots the user interface on Smartnav is very minimal. To help keep your eyes on the road Smartnav does not show you an on screen map like all the other Sat Nav applications. Instead it just shows you the basic information you need to get you from A-B. Some people will hate this as we have all got use to seeing a nice pretty map on our mobile navigation devices but it’s just a case of adjusting.

Simple to download and easy to use Smartnav Mobile uses real-time traffic data and
road speed records to keep drivers on the best available route, at any given time and
an immediate alternative is downloaded to the phone if traffic conditions change.

So lets jump straight in.

Capture14_52_49 Capture15_22_47


Once in the app its straight forward to input the street address or postcode for your destination. Then Smartnav will calculate a route without any traffic problems.


roundabout Coming off


Once you are moving the screen will appear as above. The picture makes it very clear of your next action and the vertical bar on the left hand side fills up the nearer to the junction or roundabout you get.

Onscreen is also your current speed as well as estimated time of arrival, mileage left of trip and a compass telling you which direction you are heading.

Off Route

If you do deviate from the calculated route Smartnav picks it up straight away and re calculates for you. All the time it is making sure you are not heading for any traffic jams!

If you do have any problems you can always call a PA. You need to be outside to do this as the PA will require your GPS location.



Or call the Trafficmaster Personal Assistants, who will find your destination -even if
you don’t have the full address and download the route to your phone. They can also
provide assistance in a breakdown or emergency – pretty vital if you are stuck
somewhere on your own or with the family in the car….

“The Smartnav Mobile software is available to download from with a no-obligation 30-day free trial”



I like Trafficmasters Smartnav. It’s not flashy and pretty but it works. I probably wont use it as my daily sat nav. Not because its not up to the job.  Its just that I don’t want my BlackBerry running sat nav all the time as I get a lot of emails and IMs when i am in the car. However, in the next few months I will be getting an iPhone which I will be running alongside the BlackBerry. I think Smartnav will have to go on the iPhone for sure.

Nice work Trafficmaster. I am impressed.

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