By April 13, 2007

Tracy & Matt welcome “Nokia Nick”

The observant amoung you may have noticed that our Nokia N95 was posted by a new team member – “Nokia Nick”. Nick has been on the sidelines of the site for a while now and has been providing help with graphics from day one. More recently Nick has been our chief Podcaster!

So Tracy and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Nick. Over the coming weeks we are hoping to post more podcasts with interviews and reviews as well as some non-Windows Mobile posts.

In Nick’s own words:

I’m a “non-techie geek” who loves technology and thinks that technology shouldn’t make me do extra work just to use and enjoy it. That’s one of my gripes with technology. I am a Smartphone and a Nokia phone user. Smartphones are amazing, if you can be arsed to get into all the setting up etc. hence the reason I am generally drawn to Nokia is that although they are far from perfect, they are simple. To me Nokia’s are very much mainstream consumer devices while Windows Smartphones are for power/ biz/ techie users. I hope my experience will bring something new to Tracy & Matt’s blog! Matt will be here for the technical stuff and to help everyone with device issues and I’ll be here to give my opinion as an average Joe with a phone. 🙂

Welcome aboard Nick!

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