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Turn Any Wall, Ceiling or Floor into an Interactive Touchscreen

Touchjet Pond smart projectorToday, on the heels of one of the most successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaigns of all time, Touchjet launched the Touchjet Pond Projector™. It’s the first consumer device that turns any flat surface into a super-sized touchscreen. A device that fits in the palm of your hand, the Touchjet Pond Projector is ultra-portable and can easily fit in a briefcase, backpack or purse. With the projector, users can interact directly with their photos, videos, games, apps and presentations on a large touch display (up to 80”) anywhere they go.

Built on the Android 4.4 operating system, the projector gives users access to hundreds of thousands of apps that can be downloaded directly to the device via Google Play. Users can also directly project from almost any smartphone or tablet using a third party app. The unique design and infrared (IR) technology brings any Android app to life with an interactive screen that users control with a stylus. Check out these Great Floors that can look amazing at your house.

In addition, Touchjet previewed the Touchjet WAVE™, the second product to leverage Touchjet’s proprietary touch technology. The Touchjet WAVE turns almost any flat screen TV or monitor into a touchscreen Smart TV (up to 60”) and features a compact, unobtrusive design with easy setup.

It will launch on Indiegogo next month and will be widely available later in the year. For more information on discount rates and early access, visit the website

“Mobile devices do a great job of keeping people connected, except when they are in the same room,” said Helen Thomas, CEO of Touchjet and former SVP of Worldwide Sales at Livescribe and GM of APAC International Business at LeapFrog. “We’re creating devices that take the interactivity of mobile apps and project it so everyone can share the experience, be it in the living room, classroom or a board room. Need someone to install you timber flooring at home? visit this site for more.

College classmates Tom Li Jiang, president, and Liu Zhen, CTO, recognized that mobile devices were isolating people, as families, friends and colleagues spent more and more time “together” staring at separate screens. It’s a concern shared by families as well. A recent survey showed that 71 percent of moms feel they are losing their kids to digital screens[1]. Tom and Liu founded Touchjet and developed the Touchjet Pond Projector and The TouchjetWAVE to change how consumers interact with their devices and each other, opening the door for shared experiences.

The unique technology that powers the Touchjet Pond Projector starts with the light processing unit (LPU). Positioned near the lens of the projector, the LPU picks up an infrared signal which then runs through an image-processing algorithm. That process translates the location of the user’s gesture into a standard touch point signal. The Touchjet algorithm must process thousands of points and dozens of projected frames per second in order to deliver the seamless interactive experience. The same infrared technology is applied in a similar fashion to the Touchjet WAVE.

The Touchjet Pond Projector can be set up in moments and is easy to use. Just turn on the projector, download the apps and start to interact with the content on the surface. Users can instantly play games, edit documents in real time or watch videos, all in one place. The options are endless:

●      At home: Bring family and friends together to play games, watch movies, share pictures and more. With the ability to use two styli at once, friends and family can join in on the fun, too. The projector can also replace other home media options — the 80” screen and functionality of Android apps make it a complete entertainment package that costs less than buying a similar-size TV and gaming console for the home.

●      In schools: Create an interactive classroom with Touchjet’s built-in Android system. With access to hundreds of educational apps covering an array of topics from learning how to read to recognizing colors and shapes, Touchjet brings an interactive lesson plan to groups of students that counter balances individual tablets and Chromebooks that are taking over the classroom.

●      On the go: Whether traveling for work or for pleasure, the projector’s portability is a real asset. Weighing in at 273 grams and equipped with a built-in speaker, the Touchjet Pond Projector is ideal for giving presentations, watching movies in a hotel room (or anywhere), chatting with loved ones or playing games.

The Touchjet Pond Projector’s price starts at £599.99 and includes:

  • Touchjet Pond Projector with a built-in computer pre-loaded with Android apps, the Android operating system and 18 GB of user-addressable memory

●      1 Power Supply (5vdc, 3A)

●      1 Battery

●      2 Styli

●      1 Airmouse

●      1 USB (OTG) cable for PC hookup or accessories

●      1 User Guide

●      6 AAA Batteries (for the two styli and Airmouse)

●      1 Carrying Case

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