By October 29, 2013

Tots and Tablets

baby-ipadKids are always interested in the latest and greatest of everything. From toys to tablets, kids are drawn to all things new and exciting. For many parents, the prospect of having their children repeatedly ask to play on their expensive tablet is a risky and potentially costly prospect. With a range of child-friendly tablets on the market today from the iPad Mini to the Amazon Kindle Fire, parents can choose the perfect tablet for their kids.

iPad Mini

For parents who have full sized iPads, the iPad Mini is the perfect pint sized tablet which is easy for kids to hold and handle. The iPad Mini has access to over 375,000 apps available from the app store, which range from educational apps to the most popular games. The device has a long battery life and a great camera as well. For responsible kids who are already familiar with the Apple brand, this is a great choice.

Kurio 10

Touted by the manufacturer as “the ultimate Android tablet for families”, the Kurio 10 offers customised content controlled exclusively by parents. The device has the capacity to set up eight separate profiles each with their own customised app settings, internet access and time limits for use. With a relatively large touchscreen display and TV compatibility, the Kurio is a good option for families with multiple users who are interested in controlling content.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon specifically designed this model to be kid-friendly by incorporating a strong display that’s 30 times harder than plastic, and customised parental control options. With a simple password system, parents can monitor and block content as they see fit. With 22 million films, magazines, books and music files available for download, the Kindle Fire offers an impressive array of content specifically targeted to younger audiences.

These days, it has been reported that children are becoming tablet-savvy before they can even talk. Selecting the right tablet for your child will likely depend on a range of factors from price points to durability to parental control options. Apple products are known for setting the bar in various technological markets, and the iPad Mini is no exception. As other companies strive to achieve excellence in functionality and design, the market is developing rapidly, offering consumers a range of reliable and reasonably priced options for children’s tablets.

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