By February 15, 2010

Toshiba TG02 hands-on Video


The TG01 probably still has the sexiest hardware made to date, trouble was, the software was terrible and the resistive screen sealed its fate. Skip forward 12 months and now Toshiba has updated the beauty with brawn and brains. Say hello to the Toshiba TG02.

Sporting Windows Mobile 6.5.3 with a UI layer provided by SPB Mobile Shell, a popular third part skin for WinMo in the similar vein to HTC’s efforts which has gained popularity for those in the know, and a capacitive screen to go along with the Snapdragon 1ghz cpu. Seems like Tosh still have a few kinks to work out but without doubt the TG02 is worth a second look. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot CorePlayer, which happens to be one of the most versatile media players ever made and will hopefully make it into the final build.



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