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Top 3 Interactive Tables

table-pcNo, that isn’t a typo – we don’t mean tablets. Interactive tables are the latest developments that are revolutionising the way we live, particularly in the field of education. Packed with educational games and interactive learning activities, these touch screen devices are much tougher than tablets, and can be used by more than one person at a time. Here are three of the best interactive tables on the market right now:

1.       SMART Table

Created by SMART, a company dedicated to improving people’s lives through technology, the SMART boards tops our list. Designed for children who are just starting out in education, this clever device is available from United Carlton and can add a whole new dimension to the classroom.

Using the SMART table toolkit, teachers can design their own activities and send them to the table for the children to complete. There is also a wealth of activities available to download online too.

The table actively encourages group work. It features lots of problems that require students to work together and is big enough for more than one person to use, so they’ll be no impatient kids grumbling about having to wait their turn.

As it is designed to be used by little ones, the table boasts a robust, durable design with a scratch-resistant surface that won’t be damaged by an overly enthusiastic youngster.

As we delve into the world of live interactive entertainment, it’s clear that some experiences are designed to leave a lasting impression. These immersive games transport players into a story where every decision counts. For those intrigued by the idea of testing their mettle against a spine-chilling narrative, the direct link to one of the best in the business is Here, every puzzle solved brings you one step closer to unravelling the mystery, all while the clock ticks menacingly in the background.

2.       Promethean ActivTable

Moving on from tables for the little ones, the Promethean ActivTable is suitable for older students.

The large, tall table with a 46 inch screen is all about inclusion, catering for up to six users at any one time, while also providing disabled access too. It is the perfect tool to get students working collaboratively.

The table even provides teachers with a feedback report, documenting how each student contributed and performed during their group work. This provides teachers with better feedback than ever before, allowing them to tailor their teaching to the needs of the class collectively and individually.

3.       KioPro

Having seen the benefits to education that an interactive table can bring, many manufacturers are designing ones specifically for the business world. The KioPro is described as the ‘ultimate sales presentation tool’ and with its sleek coffee table design, it’s easy to see why.

The large touchscreen, available with a Windows 8 or Android operating system, allows you to compile high-quality presentations. And, if someone foolishly mistakes it for a coffee table, the screen is toughened to protect from damage.

The future

Could this London restaurant be the future? All of their tables are touch-screen and can be customised, with diners able to select their ‘tablecloth’, order their food, play games and even watch a live feed of the kitchen!

This may be uncommon now, but we predict we will be seeing a lot more of interactive tables in the future.

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