By July 29, 2012

Tokyoflash Kisai Online unboxing video

online_black_natural1 Something a little different for a Sunday morning. A couple of days ago I got my new watch from Tokyoflash. Tokyoflash is a company specialising in cool and unusual timepieces. Rather then conventional dials or LCD number displays the watches from Tokyoflash have many different ways of displaying the time from coloured LEDs with binary representations of the time to LCD segments and blocks.

The watch I picked up is the Kisai Online. This one has a series of LCD lines across the display that also run all the way around the stainless steel wristband. These looks like lines on a circuit board. However, when you turn the watch to face you, as you would when you turn your wrist towards you to see the time, the display updates and the lines on the ‘circuit’ move to reveal the numbers that tell the time. The numbers are a little abstract so takes a little getting used to but look great!

Have a little look at the unboxing/demo video below for more and then check out


Kisai Online demo



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