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TimeTracker for iPhone – review

Say hello to the best time tracking app for iPhone – TimeTracker (without space in-between). Many people think that iPhone is just a toy for games but the reality is that it is a rock-solid tool for professional applications too!

One crucial feature of this app is that you can measure time of activities also when this app is closed and the number of activities being measured is showing near icon as you can see in the image above!

Here is how the main menu of this app looks like:

This app may not look like super-sophisticated one, but is works very well and if you need to measure time, for example to charge projects or find out how much time really you spend on some activities, then this app is the best!

You begin time measuring by tapping on “Play”-like icon near the name of each activity:

… and not only total time is measured but also exactly times and durations when you were doing given thing.

If you want to record time shorter than one minute this pop-up appears:

All times can be exported via email:

… in a multiple column format that is suitable for importing into Excel for example.

Conclusion: something that is not measured cannot be improved, so if you need to measure duration time of various activities, this app is for you! There are other apps that allow you to show in pie-chart form how much time you spend in your life percentually, but this app is more for people who would like to measure only some activities, not everything and its simplicity and reliability is very effective.

Get it here (price: $4.99):

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