By June 16, 2011

Three teasing us with an August launch of the BlackBerry 9900

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We still don’t know for sure when the forthcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 is actually going to be on sale.  Over on the ‘coming soon’ section of the Three website they have the 9900 listed as having an arrival of August. Do Three know something we don’t?

Anyway, many sites have said that the BlackBerry 9900 is not likely to be with us until September time which I personally think is a little too far off.

With Apple updating to iOS5 later in the year and a probable iPhone 5 too, RIM really have got to get this new flagship device out as soon as possible. We all know that RIM are loosing market share to iOS and Android on a global basis so the sooner this new BlackBerry is out the more chance they have of retaining customers.

RIM clearly know this so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the BlackBerry 9900 sooner rather than later.


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