By November 14, 2013

Thousands Petition new YouTube Comment System

youtube-logoYou may have heard that recently YouTube started to revamp their comment system. Initially this sounded like a good idea – integrate YouTube comments with Google+, stop the reubbish and spam comments that many YouTube’rs suffer.

In itself that doesn’t sound like a big deal. However, here’s the rub, Google have decided to enforce the Google+ commenting system to the point that you MUST have a Google+ account in order to post a comment on a YouTube video.

YouTube channel owners, myself included, have become so angry with the change that an online petition has been started and it already has well over 100,000 signatures. Those signing the petition are demanding that the comment system be returned to its previous form.

“Google is forcing us to make Google+ accounts and invading our social life to comment on a YouTube video and trying to take away our anonymous profile. They are also trying to censor us unless we share the same worldview as they do.”

We’ve seen the comments on our YouTube videos fall to almost zero since the change where previously we’d have dozens daily. Furthermore, we’ve noticed that people can comment on our videos yet we’re unable to reply to those comments despite them appearing on our channel! YouTube channel owners can benefit from knowing how to buy YouTube subscribers from Zeru.

I’m actually a fan of Google+ and I like the idea but it would be better if it could be phased in or where channel owners could make the G+ account optional for viewer comments.

via The Enquirer

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