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Third time lucky


Three years on and Apple have done the unthinkable, added cut and paste to the iPhone OS. Some, as they read this, are probably thinking “thank God!” This is one addition that puts the iPhone back at the top of the heap and nearly every iPhone user will be ecstatic their Windows Mobile buddies shall ridicule  them no more.

MMS is also making an appearance, labelled “support”. Nothing more, nothing less.

Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connectivity. A new API will allow for two iPhones to connect directly—peer-to-peer—via Wi-Fi, without needing any Wi-Fi network.

Use your iPhone/touch to control peripherals. A new API will let you use your iPhone or iPod touch as a control to your accessories. In this example, the iPhone is being used to equalize the sound in a loudspeaker.

Maps inside other applications. New applications will be able to use Maps directly, which is now an API.

Turn-by-turn directions. Developers will also be able to create turn-by-turn applications using the GPS information from the iPhone and combining it with their own maps, without depending on 3G connectivity or Google.

Push notification finally coming. Hopefully this time it will be true. Push notification means that your iPhone OS 3.0 applications will finally be able to receive messages from the intarwebs automagically, so you can have an Instant Message application and have your iPhone vibrate or make a sound when a new message comes in, even if the application is not running.

Voice communication in applications. iPhone 3.0 applications will also be able to access a Voice over IP service. This means that you will be able to chat with other users while playing against them in a game, for example. This won’t use the telephone, but the internet over a Wi-Fi connection.

Rumbling. Games—or any other application—will also be able to rumble, like your console joystick.

Audio recording. Audio recording will also be possible from third-party applications.

Access your music from applications. Future applications will also be able to access the iPhone/iPod music library. This means that applications will be able to play your own music while they run.


The new OS will also offer an enhanced App Store, opening new possibilities for developers and consumers.

Subcriptions to apps.
Purchase additional content for apps, like new cities for a city guide application.
Purchase additional levels for games.

Basically, this will allow developers to sell more things on top of their apps, and to consumers to expand their experience with those apps.

This will work straight from the applications, so you can purchase new things through the software itself, even while it still goes through the App Store internally.

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