By January 11, 2010

The VX1i Party Phone hits big!


The VX1i Party Phone was one of Tesco’s best selling mobiles in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, shifting over 10,000 units

The VX1i Party Phone was one of Tesco’s best selling handsets in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.
The retailer sold over 10,000 in that period and said it continues to be one of its best selling gadgets.
The pocket-sized phone, which is available for £18.99, is a SIM-free device that is unlocked to work with any SIM card (excluding 3), meaning users can keep their own number and make and take calls.
Tesco Telecoms CEO Lance Batchelor said: "Our handset was developed as an affordable replacement, temporary phone or alternative to a more expensive phone, but its popularity really has taken us by surprise.
"The start of a new year is the perfect time to cut costs and we are amazed to see how many shoppers want a plucky little alterative to the smartphone back – or they want both. The affordable phone is designed to be perfect for forgetful partygoers all year round."
The launch of the phone came following Tesco Telecoms research, conducted by, surveying 2,000 adults across the UK in December. It found that eight out of 10 women find it annoying to carry a handbag on a night out. It also found that 69 per cent of Brits find it uncomfortable to have a large mobile phone in their pocket.

[Source Mobilenews]

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