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The police pursuit at BlackBerry World 2012 – Video


The following text is serious but not nearly as serious as the high (I mean low) speed pursuit that took place at BlackBerry World 2012 between the QNX Porsche 911 and the Dodge Charger Police Enforcer. You must watch this video. It’s a classic!

In anticipation of the the unveiling of RIM’s new QNX-based BlackBerry 10 Operating System, there was a high intensity buzz at this year’s ‘Everything BlackBerry’ show in Orlando, where 5,000 developers, software and hardware vendors, and wireless carrier reps came together to see what the host company had to offer. 
Speaking for the first time as CEO at the show, was Thorsten Heins, who told the audience at a packed news conference, that “We’re here to win. We’re not here to just be in the game.” Heins and many other BlackBerry keynote speakers focused attention on BlackBerry 10 – a QNX based operating system that is so much more than just a smartphone OS. BlackBerry 10 is a whole new mobile computing platform that not only drives the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 tablet, but is also the OS for everything from medical devices to nuclear reactors; from commercial airliners to most of the cars found on North America’s roads.
And that is where Mobile Innovations came in. With their QNX mobile law enforcement apps running on a Playbook 2.1-equipped Dodge Charger Police Enforcer, they provided the ideal police escort for RIM’s own Playbook equipped QNX Porsche 911 throughout the duration of the show. Although both vehicles were major attractions, providing thousands of attendees with a glimpse at the power of the QNX platform, their functionality couldn’t be more different. The Porsche’s interior is equipped with three built-in PlayBook tablets to showcase BlackBerry 10’s extensive capabilities for in-transit entertainment and communications. Mobile Innovations’ police cruiser on the other hand, was there to demonstrate how powerful the PlayBook platform is as a game-changer for secure mobile law enforcement and data access.
Further, while the BlackBerry Porsche is a one-off concept car designed specifically for trade show use, the Mobile Innovations PlayBook 2.1 Dodge Charger is a fully functioning patrol vehicle, used daily by the Chatham Kent Police Service (CKPS) for actual mobile policing. Driven from Ontario to Orlando by CKPS Officer Ken Koke for the show, the vehicle is the first of five currently on order by this forward-thinking law enforcement agency and long-standing Mobile Innovations client.

“With its small footprint, lower price-point and secure computing power, the PlayBook fits our bill to a tee.” explained Koke. “Since Ford ceased Crown Vic production and our budgets started getting squeezed by recent cutbacks Mobile Innovations cheaper-better-faster PlayBook solution is just the ticket for everyone on our force, from the bean-counters to cops on the beat.”
Along with Koke, Mobile Innovations President Gary Bauer and Chief Technical Officer Geof Bosworth were also on hand to demo their seamless QNX solutions to a steady stream of interested parties. “We’ve been to every BlackBerry World Conference since we started build apps for BlackBerry smartphones six years ago.” said Bauer. “But this is definitely our best show ever, with police service reps from the Netherlands, South Africa and Sweden all asking us for live trials.”

Immediately following the show, Bauer, Bosworth and Koke packed their gear into the Charger and headed north to Montreal, where along with their apps and PlayBook know-how, they were preparing for a similar show-and-tell session as featured guests at the 8th Annual Canadian NICHE User Conference. Fittingly, the theme for this year’s conference hosted by the world-leader in police Records Management Systems (RMS)… is mobile computing.


QNX pursuit


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