By September 10, 2013

The iPhone 5S and 5C arrive

iphone-5sAfter months of rumours and speculation we are finally treated to Apple’s yearly phone update and how their tune has changed this year. Instead of all the focus being on one handset, we have two. A cheapie and a luxurious model.

As expected, Apple announced the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S whilst simultaneously withdrawing the iPhone 5 from sale.

iPhone 5CUnlike many low end Android devices Apple have married their continual high standard of specifications with an lower price tag. The iPhone 5C covers a large demographic of folk who might want an iPhone and either cannot justify paying the price, or simply have no interest. This way there is little excuse for a smartphone user not to entertain the iPhone when choosing. Smart move.

Interchangeable cases are the first big sell here. The plan seems to be to have, like Google, a low profit margin yet dazzling accessories, were the real money lies.

Much like the iPad Mini last year, the iPhone 5C is a combination of older technology reused at a lower price. The A6 processor will feature here now the flagship device is receiving an overhaul.
The iPhone 5C runs on the latest IOS7 and promised to provide almost the full feature set. We look forward to seeing if any corners have been cut to arrive at a lower price tag.

You can expect to see the iPhone 5C on the September 20th. 16GB £469 and 32GB £549.

iPhone 5S ring

The iPhone 5S has received a rather handsome update whilst keeping the same styling that proved popular with the iPhone 5. The big features include a fingerprint identity sensor and new camera. Many will scoff that the current camera is one of the best on the market, however with a little competition from Nokia and HTC pushing the bar so it was essential Apple pay some attention to their sensor.

A colour selection also allows those who wish to upgrade now to appear the classiest on the street with eye catching gold, silver and grey models available.

The A7 chip proving 64-bit architecture see’s the iPhone taking things to the next level, much like Atari did in the mid 90’s. Joking aside, this sets a new benchmark for smartphones, combined with the ability to run OpenGL ES (V3) will bring some of the most cutting edge graphics to a handheld device. The M7 coprocessor  runs alongside the A7, moving the some of the crucial, physical tasks away from the main processor to increase the fluidity, motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass will work independently.

The iPhone 5S goes on sale on September 20th. 16GB £469, 32GB £629 and 64GB £709.

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