By December 23, 2008

The Gadget Show smartphone shootout

image In last nights episode of The Gadget Show in the UK, Channel 5’s presenter Jon Bentley  was testing four smartphones to see which one would come out on top. The phones in questions were the Blackberry Storm, T-Mobile G1, HTC Touch HD and the iPhone 3G. They carried out three tests, none of which were very scientific and dropped the phone that came off worst in each test. The first test was the camera and email attachments and the T-Mobile G1 came off worst and was dropped. The 2nd test was how easy the phones were to use and this time we saw the Blackberry Storm say goodbye with poor keyboard performance taking around 40 seconds more to create and send an email than the Touch HD, in second place the iPhone but there was not much in it. The final round saw the iPhone 3G and the Touch HD go head to head on battery life, this is where it all becomes a little silly as they started calling each other then taking pictures and playing games, all requiring different processing power etc so not really a very scientific test however this did see the Touch HD come out on top lasting 30 minutes longer than the iPhone 3G. You can see the full video here.

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